Post-Run Report: May 5, 2017

Image-1 (1)
My motivator today.

Cinco de Mayo Run! I wasn’t going to run today because I have drill this weekend and we were supposed to be doing unit PT and I wanted to be as fresh as possible. However, Brendon (my son) really wanted to run, and he really wanted me to run it with him. So, out I went. We started with our push ups, and I did 70 of them without effort. Again, I could have done more, but I didn’t want to wear out my arms before drill. Brendon did his push ups, and then we hit the pavement.

After a lap (about a quarter of a mile), Brendon told me to go ahead and run at my pace and he would run at his. I said okay and ran it out at my pace. I got done with a pretty decent time considering my first quarter mile was very slow. I ended up with 3.2 miles at an 8:50/mile pace. It’s not my fastest, but considering the blister on my left heel bled through my sock and onto my shoes, I did okay.

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