Hurricane Harvey

In case you don’t know, I live in Houston, Texas, and Hurricane Harvey came through here at the end of August and caused a lot of trouble. For me, it was compounded by the fact that I’m in the National Guard, and we were activated to assist with post-hurricane disaster recovery operations.

However, I was able to keep running, but I wasn’t able to keep blogging. Here are some Strava entries that cover my runs over the past few weeks:

August 30th Run on Strava

September 1st Run on Strava

September 4th Run on Strava

September 7th Run on Strava

September 12th Run on Strava

I haven’t been able to run at all since September 12th due to a knee injury that I was waiting on to heal. Then, as I was getting ready to run last night, a big thunderstorm came through and lightning was striking within a mile of my house for over an hour coupled with strong winds and rain, so I decided to put my comeback run off by a day. I plan on getting out there tonight and putting in a minimum of 3 miles and hopefully hitting my 80 push ups.

Wish me luck!

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