Post-Run Report: May 12, 2017


Today started with just 80 push ups. I was a bit more worn out than I expected, and I just didn’t feel like pushing up to 90. Could I have? Absolutely, but it just wasn’t worth it. I was hoping to hit 100 today, but oh well; it was not to be.

The run itself went exceptionally well, otherwise, I hit a great pace and kept it under 8:34 for each mile for a total of 3.5 miles for an average of 8:27/mile. That run cemented a reverse in my pace trend where I’m not trending faster again.


Now I get to see if I can continue the trend with my next run. I’m hoping to get into the sub-8’s again, but I’m not sure how soon I can do that. It’s been taking a lot out of me to get as fast as I am now. Going sub-8’s will be a lot of work and probably some pain.

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